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Construction resumes at The Garrick

As you may know, building work was halted at The Garrick in April due to the liquidation of the main contractor Stewart & Shields.

We're happy to announce that construction has once again resumed after Ashleigh (Scotland) Limited took on the contract, and the redevelopment of the former hospital site is expected to be completed in Summer 2024.

The new development will feature intergenerational housing combined with an employability hub, consisting of a blend of flats and bungalows. These will incorporate a range of design enhancements that support independent living and ageing well at home. Onsite support and opportunities to train, gain employment, and volunteer experience will be available for young people, with a more intensive care and support service for some tenants.

We appreciate the patience of the local community, and will continue to keep our neighbours informed by letter of any significant updates. Despite the challenges we've faced, we're delighted to see that the project is back on track and making progress towards completion.

We're looking forward to a bright future for The Garrick, its residents, and visitors.