Our vision & values

Our vision is simple... it's to create GREAT places to live.

To achieve that, we've set out our commitments in our Corporate Plan 2024-2029. Here we've set out how we'll...

  • Remain rooted in being a community anchor, creating thriving neighbourhoods and places that our tenants are proud to call home. 
  • Continue to provide services that are centred around the needs and expectations of our tenants. 
  • Focus on investment in our homes to make them warmer and more affordable by improving energy efficiency.
  • Deliver a sustainable new build development programme that will help meet the emerging needs of our tenants and communities.

We all have different backgrounds, strengths and experiences but one thing we share at Loreburn is our values.

Our values run through all that we do. They're the driving force behind our commitment to providing GREAT Homes, GREAT Communities, GREAT Services, and GREAT People.

Our five values are at the core of our vision, culture, and identity. They define what sets us apart and guide our decision-making processes. Our values also shape the way we interact and collaborate with our tenants, colleagues, and stakeholders. 

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