Each year, we carry out a planned programme of upgrades...

If your home is included in our planned maintenance programme, we'll contact you to let you know exactly what's involved and when works are due to take place.

The finalised programme each year takes into account surveys and condition assessments and available finance.  Planned maintenance programmes include: 

Heating replacements

Storage heaters: every 20 years

Radiators: every 30 years

Window and door replacements

Windows (Timber): every 25 years

Windows (PVC): every 30 years

External Doors (Timber): every 25 years

External Doors (PVC): every 30 years

External Doors (Metal): every 40 years

Kitchen replacements

Every 15 years

Electrical upgrades

Every 40 years, unless the periodic electrical inspection (completed at 5 year intervals) indicates otherwise

Door entry system renewals 

Every 15-20 years

Passenger lift replacements

Every 15-20 years