We all value clean and safe environments, free from nuisance and activities that can cause disruption or have an unwelcome impact on others.   We recognise that we’re all different too - and have varied lifestyles and habits, so being tolerant of one another’s lifestyles to a reasonable degree is also important. Loreburn will not normally get involved in situations which are not of a serious nature or a not a breach of the tenancy agreement. 

If you do encounter problems with a neighbour, a friendly word might be enough as they may not realise their actions are causing a problem. If you feel able to discuss the problem calmly and courteously,  then please do so - you may be able to reach a solution or broad agreement.

If things don't resolve or you think the situation is too serious to deal with informally, you should get in touch. Your Neighbourhood Officer will investigate the situation and discuss any appropriate actions with you.

Anti Social Behaviour

We take all anti social behaviour issues very seriously and will take the necessary steps to protect you.  Where we have the powers to take action, we’ll do that, and we’ll also work with other agencies to try and resolve the problem.

We’re committed to reducing and tackling anti social behaviour by both preventative measures and by responding firmly and effectively to complaints of anti social behaviour when needed.

How to report anti social behaviour…

Criminal activity should always be reported to Police Scotland by calling 101.

You can report anti social behaviour by calling us on 01387 321300, liaising with your Neighbourhood Officer directly, or completing our online form below.

We’ll ask you to note any incidents as this will be needed if any legal action is required.   You may find it useful to use our record of events form to help keep track of events.

You’ll find more information about being a good neighbour and how we deal with nuisance and anti social behaviour in your Tenant Handbook