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Loreburn Joins Cyber and Fraud Centre Scotland

We recently joined the Cyber and Fraud Centre to further strengthen our online security measures.

The Cyber and Fraud Centre Scotland has been established to support Scottish organisations in combating cyber and fraud crime.

With the aim of enhancing their resiliency in the event of a cyber or fraud attack, the Centre and its partners provide guidance and support to organisations like us.

Murray Wallace, our Lead Data & Digital Co-ordinator, said: “By joining the Cyber and Fraud Centre, we gain access to a community of experts and peers in our sector.

“This membership provides us with an opportunity to sense-check our security measures and readiness for potential threats, meaning we can stay ahead to ensure the safety of our valuable data.”

As a new member, we will benefit from the Centre's expertise and access to information and tools aimed at mitigating potential threats.

We will also reap the advantages of the unique perks that come with the Centre’s partnership with Police Scotland and the Scottish Government.

Additionally, the Cyber and Fraud Centre Scotland works closely with members to provide a range of tailored business training packages. These are delivered by a team of cyber and fraud specialists to ensure members are safe, secure, and resilient.

By joining Cyber and Fraud Centre Scotland, we can better understand our online threats and vulnerabilities and take measures to secure our online environment.