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How we made a difference: an afternoon of community impact

On Wednesday April 17, Loreburn hosted a remarkable staff training & development day... 

It wasn't our typical gathering. Instead, it was a call to action - focusing on our commitment to enhancing the communities we serve.

The day's theme, 'Making a Difference', set the tone for what followed. We began with an engaging talk by Jim Strang, a seasoned housing professional with over 40 years of experience. His insights into the housing sector left us inspired and eager to make a positive impact.

Our first task was collecting food donations, and the response was overwhelming. These donations were swiftly distributed to three local foodbanks, providing vital support to those in need.

Following the spirit of the #KeepScotlandBeautiful campaign, teams dispersed to various parks and housing developments in Dumfries for litter picking. It was gratifying to witness the visible improvement in our surroundings after just a few hours of dedicated effort.

In addition, some of us embarked on a sponsored 5-mile walk through Dumfries, raising funds for a local charity. Meanwhile, others tackled projects such as refurbishing sheds, hosting afternoon tea's, and enhancing outdoor spaces across our housing developments.

At day's end, our CEO Kirsteen commended the team for our collective contributions. It was a reminder of the impact we can make when we unite behind a common goal: creating GREAT places to live.

Our 'Making a Difference' day was a testament to Loreburn's dedication to creating positive change. It highlighted the transformative power of teamwork and shared purpose.