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Thank you for taking part in our Customer Survey 2020

Thank you for taking part in our Customer Survey 2020

A huge thank you for your time and effort participating in our recent Customer Survey.

Your views are really valuable, and we’re delighted you showed an interest in being part of a customer group to help us plan our activities to take services into communities and look at new ways of working.

As someone interested in getting involved, we thought you might like to know a little more. So at this stage, we’re sharing our thinking with you about how services might look in the future. As plans progress, we’d like to use your ideas and thoughts to help shape our new service.

How things might look in the future....

We believe that our customers and tenants shouldn’t have to visit one of only two offices in the region when they want to see us. Rather, that there should be greater presence in our local communities for face to face contact. Our plans are all about making services more accessible to everyone, in local communities, and in ways that people choose to interact with us. For some, that’s face to face, for others, it could be by ‘phone, email or online.

By closing the existing offices and using our resources in different ways we can use these savings to invest more into homes and services. That means more money to spend upgrading homes and for services, if we increase interactions digitally, for example, we can free up our staff time to spend in communities where we’re needed. Our driving force is to improve what we do and ensure we’re delivering services efficiently and effectively and in ways that work for you, our customers and tenants.

Please contact us on 01387321300 or if you would like to share your views.