Don't Risk It!

Loreburn Housing is responsible for insuring the fabric of our properties, but not their contents.

As a customer it is YOUR responsibility to take out Household Contents Insurance for your belongings and there are many policies on the market for you to choose from that are designed specifically for tenants.

Household Contents Insurance covers personal possessions such as the carpets, furniture, clothes and electrical goods in your home against damage, loss or theft. If you are not covered by Household Contents Insurance you may be unable to replace expensive goods when accidents occur, which could cause you great distress and concern.

If the unthinkable were to happen and your personal belongings were damaged in a fire or flood in your home, replacements could cost you thousands of pounds. Purchasing Household Contents Insurance for a few pounds a month would allow you to claim this money back, minus a small excess charge.

As an incentive, new Loreburn tenants will be given £10 upon providing proof that Household Contents Insurance has been taken out on their home.

For more information on some of the insurance options available please contact your Neighbourhood Officer or seek independent advice.

So don’t delay – sign up today!

Household Contents Insurance