Your Tenancy

All tenants are required to sign a tenancy agreement prior to the receiving keys for their property. A tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract, and sets out rights and responsibilities for both the landlord and tenant.

The two main types of tenancy agreement offered to Loreburn Housing Association customers are:

  • A Scottish Secure Tenancy (SST).
  • A Short Scottish Secure Tenancy (SSST).

Other agreements include:

  • People who live in our supported housing developments will have an Occupancy Agreement.
  • If you are a Dumfries & Galloway Homes customer you will have a Short Assured Tenancy. These agreements are issued for a period of 6 months which thereafter continue on month to month basis.
  • Sharing owners have an Occupancy Agreement covering the share of the property they rent from Loreburn.

If you have a query regarding your tenancy agreement, please do not hesitate to contact your Neighbourhood Officer or check your Tenant Handbook.

We have summarised the main responsibilities below, full details are set out in your Agreement, example copies of these are available to download. If you require a copy of your signed tenancy agreement these are also available upon request.

What You Can Expect From Loreburn

  • To listen and take account of your views,
  • To carry out the repairs which we are responsible for within an acceptable timeframe,
  • Allow you to carry out your own improvements and alterations (you will require prior permission),
  • Allow you to take in lodgers (a lodger must not cause overcrowding and you must request permission prior to your lodger moving in),
  • Allow you to exchange with another tenant of a social landlord or council (exchanges must be applied for and written permission from both landlords must be obtained prior to the swap taking place),
  • Give you information about the services we provide and how we perform. Consult you about any changes to your service.

What Loreburn Expects From You 

  • To pay your rent in full and on time,
  • To be a considerate neighbour, ensuring everyone who lives with or visits you does not cause a nuisance or an annoyance to others,
  • Not to use your home for any illegal or immoral purpose,
  • To ask permission to run a business from your home,
  • To live in your home - you cannot move out and allow someone else to move in,
  • Provide us with 4 weeks written notice if you intend to move out,
  • To treat our staff and our contractors with respect.

We also expect you look after your home, so we expect that you will:

  • Not cause any damage,
  • Take out Home Contents Insurance,
  • Keep us up to date with who is living in your home,
  • Keep your home and garden clean, tidy and free from rubbish
  • Keep your home in good repair, you must report any repairs which Loreburn are responsible for as soon as you notice them.  You must also complete any repairs which you are responsible for at your earliest convenience,
  • Give us access to inspect or carry out repairs which we are responsible for,
  • Report damage that you, those that live with you or your visitors have caused to your property or development as soon as possible,
  • If your property has gas the law requires you to give us annual access for servicing,
  • Not leave caravans, trailers, boats etc, or untaxed vehicles in your drive or any shared area.
If you break any part of your tenancy agreement we may take further action and if necessary we will take legal action, which may risk your tenancy.