Mutual Exchange

As a Loreburn customer you are eligible to mutually exchange properties with any other Registered Social Landlord tenant as long as certain conditions are met and both Landlords agree in writing to the exchange taking place.

Mutual Exchanges are a great method of finding a new home, particularly for people who are looking for a larger or smaller property, or wish to move to another area within Dumfries & Galloway.

Register your Property  - Click Here

  • Only available to current Loreburn Housing Association customers at this time
  • Please note that only fully completed registrations will be accepted and displayed
  • We may ask you to provide (electronic) photographs to enhance your advert

Found a property you wish to exchange with?

Both parties must complete and return a Mutual Exchange Application Form in order to request permission.
(Online Application Form).  Please use the Guidance Notes for assistance.

If you are looking to exchange with another Registered Social Landlord, both parties will also be required to complete their application forms and you must not move before you have written permission.

A Mutual Exchange will only be approved if:

  • Neither tenant currently has rent arrears above the value of one month, or has maintained an agreed payment plan for a minimum of 12 consecutive weeks 
  • Each property is in a satisfactory condition
  • Each tenant has a satisfactory tenancy record
  • The properties involved in the swap are suitable (i.e. they are the correct type and size for the people who will be moving into them). 

Contact your Neighbourhood Officer for assistance.

Other methods of finding a new home

  • Register and apply for housing through our Loreburn Lettings website
  • Register and apply for housing with other Registered Social Landlords
  • Word of Mouth – friends, family and neighbours may have information 
  • Social Media Groups
  • Register for Homeswapper