Let's try and make the best of a bad situation...

As the country adapts to the new Government instruction to stay at home, we thought we would try our best to help our customers, staff and communities deal with the change.

We need to stay positive, support each other and get through this together - let's try and remember these new measures are temporary and will save lives!

Ways to help those most vulnerable in our communities... See the source image

Third Sector D&G are urgently seeking local volunteers to deliver food and essential items to those most volunerable in our communities.

If you are fit, well and available to assist please sign up today

Things to do around the house...

Let's turn this situation around and achieve some positives outcomes!  Are there things in your home which have been bugging you, but you just never have the time to sort? Why not try some of these ideas:

  • Test your smoke detectors - keep your family safe in more ways than one! Test Your Smoke Detectors
  • Switch your energy supplier - are you paying too much? Contact Citrus or your Income Officer for advice.
  • Spring clean your home - write a list and get the whole family involved to pass some hours.
  • Sort through your wardrobes, cupboards and toy boxes - everyone has that one 'drawer' or 'cupbaord'!!
  • Organise your kitchen cupboards and make shopping lists to prevent over shopping - please dont bulk buy!
  • Wash your windows - its nice to get a clearer outlook on life...
  • Catch up on your washing - remind yourself what the bottom of the basket looks like!

Ways to keep the kids entertained...

We are all learning to adapt, but it can be tough on the youngest in our communities as many just dont understand what is going on.  Let try and create happy memories in these toughest of recent times...

Creating a new routine is an important step in dealing with the potential mental health impacts which can be caused by isolation.  If you dont already do so, now might be a good time to get your kids involved in some age appropriate chores.  Having a daily schedule filled with tasks, educational activities, time outdoors and lots of fun is important, also trying to ensure bedtimes and mealtimes times are kept as normal as possible.

We have found a couple of good links online:

  • Inspire some budding illustrators of the future by learning to draw like a pro - we have found this great link #DrawWithRob
  • Keep fit indoors with online videos - much of the nations childrenhave been tuning into P.E with Joe, new videos added daily.

Other ideas to keep little hands and minds busy:

  1. Inspire your little superhero’s day by creating a spider’s web like challenge to complete. Using tape or wool turn the hall into a spider’s web labyrinth and challenge them to make it through without touching it!
  2. Spark a new passion for gardening and growing your own.  Fill a clean eggshell with a damp cotton wool ball and pop a seed on top, place it on a sunny windowsill and wait.  Don’t have any seeds – not to worry, why not try a lentil, chickpea or apple seed from your kitchen?  You could start a family competition?
  3. Grow a grass seed head.  Did you find some old tights when you were clearing out your wardrobe?  Why not upcycle them and give them a new lease of life…kids will love watching the grass seed grow and getting to cut their new friends hair.
  4. Get your cookbooks out and try your hand at some home baking.  Whether it’s a sponge cake, cheesecake or some chocolate crispy cakes your kids will love helping in the kitchen to make everyone a treat – and licking the spoon!
  5. Did you find a load of odd old socks while tidying your wardrobes and washing baskets?  Why not upcycle them as homemade hand puppets?  Decorate them with whatever craft items you have in the house – or what about sewing some old buttons on as eyes?  You could make a few and create your very own puppet show to entertain each other.
  6. Having everyone cooped up in the house can cause tension.  Anyone for a pillow fight?  There’s nothing quite like a bit of silliness and laughter to lighten any atmosphere and remove stress.
  7. Find any old party balloons at the back of your messy drawer?  There are hours of fun to be had with the humble balloon.  Volley it to each other and trying not to let it touch the floor, cause crazy static hairstyles, make some balloon powered cars with an old egg box or use to make some paper-mache heads to decorate.  The possibilities are endless!
  8. Create a pirate style treasure map.  Hide some treats in the house or garden and draw a treasure map with an ‘X’ to mark the spot.  To extend the game you could have multiple maps hidden in different locations or for older children you could hide clues or riddles for them to solve to find the next clue.  Giving you some much needed peace to get on with other things – bliss!
  9. Find any interesting fashion faux pas hiding at the back of your wardrobe?  Or maybe some hats, dresses and suits you haven’t worn on years.  Why not give them to the kids to play catwalks, or just good old fashion dress up and house?  Better still you could have a family catwalk show reminding each other why some fashions should never see the light of day again!  It’s so important to keep laughing in these tough times…
  10. Want to educate your kids on their lineage?  Why not start putting together your family tree and see how far back you can go!  At times like this family is everything!
  11. Get crafty!  Don’t have any craft supplies – don’t panic just use whatever you have in the house!  Why not create a bookmark?  You could use paper, cardboard packaging, stickers, magazine cut-outs, lollipop sticks, buttons, pasta just whatever you have.  Maybe having a new bookmark will encourage more reading to – win win!
  12. What about trying a new craft like drying some flowers – pick some daisies or whatever you have in your garden and use them to make some cute natural pictures or cards to cheer up an elderly neighbour or family member.
  13. Make some home made play doh or slime together whatever colour you like, and what about adding some glitter?
  14. Look up some easy experiments you can do at home - the Pepper Method is a good one to ensure children understand the importance of washing their hands!
  15. Dig out some sheets and blankets and make a den.  Kids will love making a safe little space to sit and chat, read stories or just to chill in.  Remember they are coming to terms with the lifestyle changes as well but may not really understand what is happening.  It might be a good space to chat to them about how they are feeling about everything. Here are some ideas on how to tackle these conversations.
  16. Start a diary.  Keeping a note of everything that has happened throughout the day, not only fills some time but it is also a lovely habit to get into, creating books filled with memories to look back on when all this is over, and we return to our normal ways of life.  Capturing thoughts, feelings and family activities may also help children to deal with how they are feeling during this difficult time.
  17. Make a tic-tock video?  Give it a go and have a laugh together!
  18. Start a new hobby together - gardening, reading, bird watching, photography, cross stitch, painting, knitting or maybe even give learning a new language a try?  You might find a hidden talent you never knew you had!

The odd duvet day with films and video games wont hurt either!!  Everything in moderation...