FAQs - Tenancy Management - Updated 5th January 2021

Will complaints and anti-social behaviour cases still be investigated?

Yes, we are continuing to respond to complaints and anti-social behaviour enquiries.  However, there may changes in the way we are able to respond (i.e due to social distancing we will not attend in person).  We will ensure you are provided up to date guidance at the time of your call or email. 

Will staff still visit my home?

As per Scottish Government guidelines, we have ceased all non-essential home visits for now, although we will still attend in emergency situations.  You can still contact your Neighbourhood and Income Officers directly on their mobile numbers if you have any queries or urgent issues.

Will estate management walkabouts with customers still go ahead?

Any planned estate management walkabouts with customers have been postponed.

Our Grounds Maintenance service has been postponed with effect from 24th December 2020, please continue to report any essential estate issues to your Neighbourhood Officer.