FAQs - Repairs and Planned works - Updated 13th July 2020 

Are you currently carrying out repairs?  Will you still be carrying out repairs during the coronavirus outbreak? 

  • We are still attending emergency repairs ONLY.  To learn more about what is regarded an emergency, please visit our repair page

  • You can continue to report all other repairs and we will contact you to arrange an appointment for this work in due course.   

If someone in my household is showing symptoms, self-isolating or has tested positive for coronavirus, will you still be able to do an emergency repair to my home? 

If a repair is an emergency and can’t be postponed, we will assess it on an individual basis and decide if a member of our team can safely complete the necessary work. Our priority is the safety of our staff and customers. 

We will consider the best course of action while adhering to the necessary safety measures, which will include:

  • Wearing protective equipment, 
  • Asking the affected person to move to another room or to leave the property while work is completed, 
  • Cleaning the affected area before starting work, 
  • Make safe service – i.e leaving temporary heating if your boiler breakdown. 

I’m due a gas, electricity or legionella service soon, will this still go ahead? 

Yes, these are still going ahead as planned but please let us know immediately if you’re self-isolating or have been diagnosed with Covid-19. If you tell us you’re self-isolating or have been diagnosed, we’ll ask you to either go into another room or step outside the property. Please don’t be alarmed or offended by these measures as we’re committed to keeping you and our colleagues as safe as possible. 

If you do have an appointment, please make every effort to be at home and answer your door to allow our team to work as effectively as possible, keeping you, your family and our communities safe. 

I’m due to have a new kitchen/bathroom/ heating system installed. Will this still work go ahead? 

We have started to resume work on our investment programme and will be in touch to rearrange all outstanding appointments.    

I’m due to have some external work done to my property. Will this still go ahead? 

We are also resuming this work wherever possible and will be in touch to arrange an appointment.   

Will grounds maintenance still be undertaken at my development? 

Although initially suspended, grounds maintenance work is now back in operation and our contractors are working to bring developments back up to the standards we expect.  Please bear with us as in some cases this is taking several visits, due to the lapse in service.