FAQs - Communication

How can I contact Loreburn now that the main offices are closed?

Ways to keep in touch:

I have been advised by my employer I must work from home; do I need to request permission from Loreburn?

No, but we ask that you please keep us informed if you are self-isolating or needing to socially distance yourself due to underlying health conditions, to allow us to keep a record in case of emergencies.

Should I notify Loreburn if anyone in my household has the virus symptoms, is self-isolating or has tested positive for coronavirus? 

Yes, please contact us as soon as possible especially if you have had recent contact with one or more of our staff.  We want to ensure we are supporting all efforts to reduce the spread of the virus, so please tell us if you and/or anyone in your home is self-isolating or diagnosed with coronavirus. This will help us protect everyone as much as possible.