Common Repairs

There are a number of repairs that fall under the responsibility of the customer to complete, such as changing lightbulbs and toilet seats.  However, we appreciate that these may not be straightforward for everyone so we have included some self help videos in order to make things easier:

Damp & Condensation

Damp is the term used to refer to the presence of unwanted moisture, water and condensation present in a property. Damp problems can occur easily and without warning, and can be severely harmful to a building’s structure and, if left untreated, to your health. Damp can be detected through a musty smell, or the appearance of mould, damage to decorations, wet rot or dry rot in skirting boards, roof or floor timbers.

If you do detect damp in your property, there are a few simple checks you can do to identify which type of damp it is before you report a repair.

If the mould spores are black, the likelihood is it is condensation dampness, if the mould spores are varying colours then it is probably not condensation dampness.