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Window Safety!

With the warm weather we have been enjoying, some people may have their windows open to let in some fresh air however please remember that there is a risk to young children and vulnerable people who may not be aware of the risk of falling from open windows. To reduce the risk of falls, window restrictors are usually fitted to windows above ground floor level and they should work automatically when you open the window.

To keep everyone safe:

  • Check that you have restrictors fitted on windows above ground floor level
  • Check restrictors regularly to make sure they are working properly
  • If you can, move furniture away from windows to make it harder for small children to climb up
  • Supervise children and keep their play area away from windows

If you don’t have any restrictors fitted or they are not working, please let us know by contacting Loreburn on 01387 321300 so we can include.  We’ll include your property in our future programme to fit new or replacement restrictors.