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Struggling with finances as a result of Covid-19?


We know life has become hard very suddenly and the impact of Covid-19 on household income is a worry for many.

If you live in a Loreburn home and are struggling with finances because of the outbreak please talk to us. 

Our Customer Support Fund can help!  We’ve used this in some creative ways…


  • Providing electronic devices for children to be able to home school
  • Fixing a car for a Customer to be able to travel to work
  • Funding for a training course
  • Providing a mobile ‘phone for someone to keep in touch


The fund is open to anyone living in a Loreburn home so please get in touch today if you think we can help.


Whether it’s a broken appliance essential to your everyday living or paying an unexpected bill – we’re here and want to help. 


Don’t hesitate – get in touch today if you think our Customer Support Fund can help make life a little easier. 


Contact us on 01387 3213000, via email at or speak directly with your Housing or Income Officer.