Your Responsibilities

As the tenant of one of our properties you have a responsibility for taking care of your home and reporting to us any damage caused or repairs required to the property. You have a responsibility not to carry out any works that affect the health and safety of others in the neighbourhood. In the case where emergency repair work needs to be undertaken, access may be required to the property.

Your responsibilities include the following:

  • carrying out minor repairs to your home
  • undertaking internal decoration
  • keeping the property in a reasonable state of cleanliness
  • being responsible for any fixtures and fittings owned by you
  • any wilful or accidental damage caused by you, your household, your visitors or fixtures and fittings
  • damage to glass (unless caused by vandalism and reported to the Police)
  • damage caused by the Police through the enactment of a Search Warrant
  • damage to sinks, sanitaryware, plugs/chains, internal door handles
  • replacing lost or broken keys and the cost of any necessary forced entry
  • replacing batteries for smoke detectors
  • the arrangement of Contents Insurance to cover your belongings
  • obtaining written permission for any alterations or improvements undertaken to the property

Our Responsibilities

Loreburn Housing Association is committed to monitoring its properties to a high standard and to providing a safe home for our tenants. As your landlord we are responsible for ensuring that the property you live in is wind and watertight, as well as being suitable to live in as a home. During your tenancy we will carry out all reported repairs to the property within a set period according to the type of repair and its urgency. We will use a competent contractor to carry out all repairs and suitable material for the repairs.

We will keep in good order the structure and exterior of the house, as well as any installations in the house provided by us or that we own or lease (to service the property). This includes:

  • the supply of water, gas and electricity
  • sanitation (such as basins, sinks, baths, showers and toilets)
  • hot water heating
  • space heating (central heating) including fireplaces, flues and chimneys

We will inspect and service annually any gas installation in the house provided by us, providing a copy of the certificate accordingly.

Under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, Loreburn has a legal duty to carry out certain small, urgent repairs called "Qualifying Repairs" within set timescales under the Right to Repair scheme.