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Our Power

Our Power

Who are Our Power?

Our Power is a different kind of energy supplier set up by progressive Scottish social housing providers to make energy fairer and reduce levels of fuel poverty.The not-for-profit supplier offers more affordable energy, excellent customer service and aims to engage in the energy sector to find ways to further reduce the cost or improve the experience of their customers.

What are Smart Meters?

A smart meter is a device that measures the gas and electricity you are using and displays the information in near real time on a handy portable screen in your home. The system we install usually includes a gas meter, an electricity meter and a compact In-Home Display unit (IHD) which all work together. The IHD is compact you can place it in a handy and easily accessible place - on your kitchen worktop for example - so you can refer to it regularly. The main benefit of a smart meter is that you can see how much money you are spending on energy, putting an end to estimated bills and unexpected costs at the end of the month. It helps you manage and monitor your spending and should allow you to cut energy costs.

Our Power's smart meters are genuinely smart and have a built in 'friendly credit' feature which means they can provide you with an emergency credit if you run out at evenings or weekends.  So you'll always have all the power you need - that means extra security for you and your family.

One Simple Tarriff

You've also got the power to choose how you pay without paying more.  That's because they have one simple, affordable tariff for all our customers, whether they prefer to pay by Pay As You Go or by Direct Debit.

It's Easy To Switch

You've now got the power to choose a fairer energy provider. Switching to Our Power is simple and quick. Once you have, they make it easy for you to manage your bills or talk to a real person if you ever have a problem with your service.

Choose a supplier that puts you first...

If you need anymore information please contact Our Power on 0808 168 4534 or go to