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Loreburn Lettings Update

Good news, we have been improving our Loreburn Lettings platform to better your experience and these changes will Go Live on Wednesday 2 December 2020.

Applicants who completed our consultation agreed we should improve opportunities for bidding, make best use of adapted properties and also prioritise small families for two-bedroom homes.

We have improved our medical form, added an extra bid cycle and families will be prioritised.

Your password has been updated to your date of birth reversed YYYYMMDD (for example 12 May 1943 will be 19430512).

Please Log In using your User ID which remains the same, with your new password:

• Select ‘Register here’ on the Home Page 
• Select ‘Log in’ and enter your credentials 
• Select the ‘Click Here’ link beneath ‘Change of Circumstances’ 
• Click ‘OK’ to the pop-up window 
• Proceed through the form and update any new questions
• Select ‘Finish’ on the final page

It is also recommended that you change your password, and to do this:

• Select ‘Log in’ and enter your credentials 
• Select the ‘Forgot my login details’ 
• Click ‘Reset using personal details
• Enter ‘firstname, surname, security question and new password’
• Select ‘Reset password’ 
• Password reset successfully message will appear

For information bid cycles will run for 5 days starting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Please contact or 01387321300 for assistance.