The Cycle Shed

What is the Cycle Shed?

A social prescribing project with the aim to improve the health and wellbeing of the community. Instead of, or as well as, prescribing medication a block of “Cycle to Health” sessions can be prescribed. With the large variety of bikes available, people of all ages and abilities can take part together. The Cycle Shed aims to create healthier communities and provide opportunities to reduce social-isolation and form friendships. Using wearable innovative technology (ARMED CM2000) as a self-management tool you can track your own progress whilst taking part in the “Cycle to Health” sessions.


everyone within the community is able to make use of this project. The project can be accessed via a referral or self-referral by submitting the form ( to The Cycle Shed is accessible to all, we have a range of adult mountain bikes, children’s bikes, electric bikes and a trio-bike which allows those who are less mobile to sit in the front of the bike whilst their bike pilot does all of the pedalling. The trio-bike is a first for the region and feedback has been very positive with many service users returning for repeat sessions.


Cycling has many benefits for your health and wellbeing, research shows that regular cycling can improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and flexibility, stress levels, bone strength, posture and co-ordination, anxiety and depression levels, body fat levels. The trio-bike offers older or less mobile members of the community the opportunity to be part of a cycle group and enjoy the experience of being out on a bike. Feedback shows that members taking part in trio-bike rides seem happier after their session, they sleep better and eat more. Cycling often brings back memories as we cycle through familiar parts of the town that service users perhaps cannot access anymore due to reduced mobility.


Stair Park, Potters Garden. Cycle sessions can either start from Potters Garden or Millburn Court in Stranraer.


“Wonderful, really enjoyed. Lifted my spirits. Saw places I have not seen before.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed it, had some butterflies in stomach to start with, but would go again.”

“Waving at people and waving back. Lovely and nice all together, very comfy.”

“A laugh a minute. Enjoyed simplicity of it. So simple, lovely and relaxing. Staff were so friendly and great.”…”Are they coming again tomorrow? Would jump at the chance to do it again.”

“Because I was out and getting air and loved visiting Dock Park (first time) and everyone waving. It was great!”

The Cycle Shed
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