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You and Your Home Related Forms
File Description File Size
SHR Qual 2020 Owners Flyer PDF icon 254 Kb
Termination of Tenancy Form PDF icon 166 Kb
LHA Direct Debit Form PDF icon 66 Kb
Universal Credit - What does it mean for you? PDF icon 862 Kb
Home Contents Insurance Incentive Scheme PDF icon 123 Kb
Safety In Your Home PDF icon 127 Kb
Anti-Social Behaviour Documents
File Description File Size
Anti-Social Behaviour Policy PDF icon 517 Kb
Anti-Social Behaviour Information PDF icon 1011 Kb
Neighbourhood Log Sheet (Anti-Social Behaviour) PDF icon 47 Kb
Useful Household Information
File Description File Size
Repair Responsibilities Guide PDF icon 100 Kb
Asbestos PDF icon 70 Kb
Legionella Advise PDF icon 129 Kb
Identification & Eradication of Damp & Condensation PDF icon 89 Kb
Fire Safety PDF icon 208 Kb
Garden Safety PDF icon 209 Kb
Sky Dishes & TV Aerials PDF icon 30 Kb
Guide To Information
File Description File Size
Charging Schedule PDF icon 98 Kb
Guide to Information PDF icon 312 Kb
Audited Accounts PDF icon 800 Kb
Assurance Statement 2019-2020 PDF icon 73 Kb
Asset Management Strategy PDF icon 281 Kb
Strategic Performance Indicator PDF icon 197 Kb
Customer Excellence Strategy 2019 PDF icon 298 Kb
Code of Conduct(Staff) PDF icon 157 Kb
Register of Interests PDF icon 64 Kb
Organisation Structure PDF icon 88 Kb
Governing Body Members Code of Conduct PDF icon 396 Kb
Committee Member - Role Profile PDF icon 97 Kb
Loreburn H A - Governance Framework (Oct 2019) PDF icon 80 Kb
File Description File Size
Regulated Contracts Register PDF icon 28 Kb
LHA Annual Procurement Report 2020 PDF icon 260 Kb
Annex A PDF icon 184 Kb
Loreburn's Policies & Procedures
File Description File Size
Freedom of Information & Environmental Information Policy PDF icon 265 Kb
Risk Management Policy PDF icon 315 Kb
Estate Management Policy PDF icon 391 Kb
Rent Setting Policy PDF icon 365 Kb
Legionella Policy PDF icon 581 Kb
Income Maximisation Policy PDF icon 1267 Kb
Asbestos Policy PDF icon 634 Kb
Aids and Adaptation Policy PDF icon 896 Kb
Learning Development Policy 2019 PDF icon 185 Kb
Grievance policy 2019 PDF icon 149 Kb
Discipline policy 2019 PDF icon 223 Kb
Travel Subsistence Policy 2019 PDF icon 231 Kb
Performance Management Policy 2019 PDF icon 232 Kb
Recruitment References Policy 2019 PDF icon 185 Kb
Health Safety Policy Statement PDF icon 171 Kb
Equality and Diversity Policy PDF icon 206 Kb
Entitlements, Payments and Benefits Policy V2 PDF icon 393 Kb
Standing Orders Policy PDF icon 473 Kb
Loreburn Rules PDF icon 330 Kb
Pet Policy PDF icon 133 Kb
Complaints Policy PDF icon 342 Kb
Emergency Procedures Policy PDF icon 329 Kb
Fair Processing Notice PDF icon 795 Kb
Choice Based Lettings Policy PDF icon 510 Kb
Procurement & VFM Strategy PDF icon 391 Kb
Significant Performance Failures Factsheets PDF icon 316 Kb
Membership Policy PDF icon 335 Kb
Mgt Committee Membership details (2020) PDF icon 104 Kb
Governing Body Recruitment Policy PDF icon 323 Kb
Corporate Plans and Documents
File Description File Size
LHA Landlord Report 2018-2019 PDF icon 173 Kb
Corporate Plan 2019-2024 PDF icon 42227 Kb
LHA Annual Plan 2018-2019 PDF icon 2674 Kb
LHA Financial Statements Year Ending 31 March 2020 PDF icon 13357 Kb
LHA Annual Report 2018 PDF icon 1422 Kb
Loreburn Housing Association Ltd Engagement Plan PDF icon 369 Kb
The Cycle Shed
File Description File Size
Cycle Shed Referral Form Microsoft Word icon 119 Kb