Social Prescribing

Galloway Gateway - LogoSocial Prescribing is a way to link patients with non-medical sources of support within the community, including opportunities for physical activity, learning new skills, volunteering, and befriending. Such activities and resources can allow for GP time to be spent more appropriately and provide an alternative to pharmaceutical prescriptions.

Galloway Gateway aims to champion Social Prescribing across the region through the facilitation and provision of a range of activities tackling primary concerns that are specific to Dumfries & Galloway; namely - rurality, an aging population, and high levels of youth unemployment.

Galloway Gateway believes that our older generations should not have to only look back on enjoyable times; they should also have the opportunity to look forward.
Similarly, young people should have the means and support to affect positive changes in their lives that will help them to secure their own tenancies, their own careers, and their own futures.

Let's Get Sporty at King's CourtWith limited access to public transport links and with a large proportion of towns and villages in rural areas, Dumfries & Galloway faces increasing risks of social isolation and rising levels of poor mental and physical health.

Galloway Gateway aims to bring communities together by inspiring intergenerational interaction, and making available new life opportunities so that the people of Dumfries & Galloway have the capacity to live healthy, fulfilling and socially active lives for the long term.

CatStrand Art SessionImprovements in self esteem, mental and physical wellbeing, and an increased sense of empowerment are but a few of the aspects that can be achieved through the participation in social prescribing activities.

For more information please contact our Partnerships & New Initiatives Team.