Blooming Loreburn 2020

Entries are now Open for this year's competition

Relaunched in 2012, our annual garden competition continues to flourish, with each year producing more creative colours, vivid variety, and imaginative innovations.

As our communities are full of green fingered customers our annual competition is something that we really look forward to. Despite some testing Scottish weather, each year we are inundated with applications and selecting a winner is becoming more and more difficult.

These awards are an opportunity for you to showcase your plants/ gardens.  You have an opportunity to win some prize money (in voucher form) if you are selected as the best in category.  Hopefully more time in our gardens results in even more tenants willing to enter their efforts in Loreburn Housing’s ‘In Bloom’ Awards 2020? -  It is just for fun really

Loreburn Blooms 2020 Categories

1. Interior Garden display Award, Including Herb gardens. (For tenants that may not have outdoor space) 

2. Young Gardener Award (Open to Entries up to the age of 12, can include flowers or vegetables.) 

3. The ‘I gave it my Best Effort Award!’ or ‘’Novice Gardener’ Award For those who have taken up gardening, made attempts to grow plants/ vegetables for the first time. 

4. Floral Garden Award (For the best flower garden display)   

5. Vegetable Garden Award (for the best vegetable garden, does not have to be the biggest vegetable, but looking for variety, ingenuity, and organisation of garden) 

6. Window Box/ Hanging Basket/ Tub Display Award (External) 

In each category the top Entry (As judged by an Independent judge) will receive a £50 voucher (The voucher type can be decided by the winner once they have been notified) 

This year the closing date for entry will be 30th August 2020.   That means that if you need pictures taken by a member of Loreburn staff please complete and return your form ASAP so that a time can be organised for the member of staff to come and take pictures.  

Winners will be selected by an Independent Judge and will be notified by the 15th September 2020 and you will receive your Winning Voucher either from your Housing Officer or in the post (The Voucher that would be of most use to you, can be agreed) shortly after. 

Blooming Loreburn Entry Form
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