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DWP Flexible Support Fund

Helping You Get Paid Work

Are You?

• Unemployed and receiving benefits

• Trying to get paid employment

Did You Know?

The Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) has a Flexible Support Fund that may be able to help you by providing practical or financial assistance to remove any barriers to work that you have.

What Help Might You Get?

Help can include –
• New clothing for job interviews or for starting a new job
• Travel Expenses for public transport or car mileage expenses to get you to work until you are paid your first wage
• Costs of training(and childcare required to support training) that will help you improve your chances of getting paid work
• Any other barrier to work for you that the DWP agrees to help you with

How Do You Get Help?

• Talk to your Jobcentre Plus Work Coach about your barriers to employment and the help that you need to help you get paid work.
• Ask your Work Coach about the types of help that you might be able to get from the Flexible Support Fund to remove these barriers.
• When you are offered an interview or a job talk with your Work Coach as soon as possible and request assistance from the Flexible Support Fund.