Rebecca Wilson

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Rebecca Wilson

I joined Loreburn as a graduate trainee in 2010. I had just finished a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning after completing a degree in Psychology and Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh. I had developed a keen interest in how we use and define spaces and the impact of our immediate environment on our physical health and mental well-being.


I have worked in a number of roles within Loreburn including as an Investment Officer, Planned Maintenance Team Leader and Project Manager. I am now the Head of Governance and Assurance and work closely with the Management Committee and senior management team to ensure we have effective governance arrangements in place from our strategies and policies to our Management Committee procedures and regulatory compliance. I am also Loreburn’s Data Protection Officer and deal with Subject Access Requests, GDPR queries and Freedom of Information Requests.

In my current role my primary aim to is to make sure our governance arrangements are as simple and accessible as possible to ensure that good governance is at the heart of our high level and day to day decision making processes.

When I am not working or catching up with family and friends, I am a fair weather golfer and enjoy nothing more than a good box-set or walking in the forest with my son and our dog.

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Direct Dial: 01387 321356