Maureen Farrell

Maureen Farrell Gallery Photo_2I joined Loreburn in 1986 because I had realised, as a teacher, that good quality housing was at the foundation of success in life. I had taught children who were so poorly housed that they could not make any use of the opportunities that education was offering them. I had seen where poor housing adversely affected people’s health and where miserable conditions prevented people from having friendships where they might be expected to invite people into their homes. It seemed to me that if I could make a contribution towards better housing in my community of Dumfries & Galloway I would be doing something worthwhile with my life.

Over the past years I have watched housing in Dumfries & Galloway improve dramatically. In 1986 the priority for Loreburn was to take people who lived rough and give them a safe place to be, a roof over their heads. Every time I attend an opening of a new development I feel so proud of the people I work with at Loreburn, the staff and the Committee, they are tremendous people. It is a privilege to be able to help my community and work with others who feel the same. I meet individuals who tell me how being rehoused by Loreburn in more appropriate housing has changed their life and allowed them to focus on their family, their job, their quality of life.

Our priorities have changed over the years and the quality of life that our tenants and sharing owners have has become the driving force. Are our homes affordable, easy to heat, comfortable, near work, near the services that are needed by the people who live in them. There will always be more to be done at Loreburn.

I am retired after 12 years as a Primary Teacher, 25 as a Head Teacher and 2 as a Development Officer for Gifted Children. I loved my time in education, but I am enjoying my retirement just as much. Throughout my life I have been involved with the voluntary sector and I enjoy having the time to do more. I am a bit of a Tai Chi for Health addict! I love to sing with Dumfries Community Choir. I have been involved with Big Burns Supper since its inception and now chair the Board. I love all the creative arts - theatre, poetry, opera, film, dance, world music – you name it I love it!