Joanne Gordon

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Having worked for Loreburn since 2005 I have seen it change and grow tremendously over the years, and I am truly excited to be part of the organisation as we rise to new challenges and find innovative approaches to our work and customer experience.

Starting as a Customer Advisor I have since been a Housing Officer, Factoring & Shared Ownership Officer and Team Leader.  Completing my Post Grad Diploma in Housing Studies fairly early on in my Housing career helped develop my knowledge & understanding and I have been able to build on this over the years.  I love working in Housing as no two days are the same and knowing that Loreburn makes a real difference to our customers lives is really fulfilling. 

My role as Project Manager has allowed me to be part of the team who worked on bringing our repairs service in house in April 2019, and I am so proud of the new service that we are delivering.  

As D&G Homes Manager I am currently reviewing the business model so that we can establish ourselves as a provider of excellent quality mid market rented properties, whilst also exploring ways to innovate and incubate transformational projects for the benefit of people in D&G.  One of our ambitious projects is to help Loreburn address its difficulty in delivering "affordable in use" properties by establishing a Passivhaus factory in the region.  This project brings many benefits, including creation of new well paid jobs, and improved supply chains for Loreburn and D&G Homes.  I am delighted to be part of such an innovate team and I am excited to see how my work can make a real difference to our communities.

Outside of work I enjoying playing golf regularly, especially in the good weather.  I also enjoy long walks with the dog, and spending time with my teenage daughter.

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Direct Dial: 01387 321307

Work Mobile Number: 07872 126988