Neighbourhood Events

Colouring ChampionsAt Loreburn we also strive to create great neighbourhoods for our customers. To help encourage this we hold regular events within our communities throughout the region looking to involve as many people, across as many age groups, as possible.

The type of events we hold vary depending on what our customers feel would most benefit their neighbourhood. This can be in relation to a celebration, the provision of information and advice, or ways to improve the community. We are always open to suggestions so please contact us or speak to your Neighbourhood Officer with any new ideas.

We are fortunate to have great working relationships with many local agencies that look forward to each event as much as we do. Recent events have welcomed the inclusion of local representatives of Community Safety Teams, Fire Service and Forestry Commission Scotland, and Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland to name but a few.

Some of our most popular events are aimed at getting children involved in their community and regularly take place during school holidays. Local Community Safety Teams are normally on hand to provide information on how to recognise and report issues such as littering, dog fouling and bullying within neighbourhoods. We try to make our events as fun and as welcoming as possible and often our partners Let’s Get Sporty will host a range of activities.