Breakfast Clubs

The importance of a healthy breakfast for children is widely recognised by educational and health professionals, and we are proud to be able to facilitate this within Belmont and Castle Douglas Primary Schools. Breakfast clubs were established to provide an excellent start to the school day and aim to:

- Provide a healthy nutritious morning mealBreakfasting Kids
- Help children to be alert and ready to learn
- Encourage children to mix with their friends
- Improve attendance and performance throughout the day
- Improve health and health behaviours of children
- Encourage involvement from staff and volunteers
- Reassure parents that their child is safe when dropped off in the morning

In line with the Scottish Government’s ‘Better Eating, Better Learning’ and ‘Hungry for Success: A Whole School Approach to School Meals in Scotland’ initiatives, Breakfast Clubs not only encourage a nutritional start to the day, they also demonstrate a large number of social and educational improvements:

- Increased attainment and attendanceBreakfast Preparation
- Positive social skills
- Concentration levels
- Behaviour
- Punctuality
- Educational performance
- Raised awareness of good nutrition and personal well-being
- Peer relationships
- Relationship between parents and school

In addition to the numerous evident improvements, in areas of greater need (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation), Breakfast Clubs can also act as a potential means for confronting social disadvantage and promoting social inclusion within the community, particularly for children highlighted as vulnerable.

By facilitating a secure and friendly environment, children can learn to:
- sit down together to eat
- converse with one another
- share and cooperate.