GREAT Communities

Our vision of ‘creating great places to live’ is not only focussed on providing excellent individual homes, we are committed to improving the neighbourhoods and communities in which our customers live. With over 2500 homes throughout the towns and villages of the region, we want each of our communities to continually thrive and develop.

We aim to employ a ‘working together’ attitude and regularly operate alongside local agencies, businesses and charities to deliver the best possible service. As we endeavour to keep our customers at the heart of our organisation, we are always keen to receive feedback, ideas and suggestions so that we know we are on the right track. Please feel free to Have Your Say.

Alongside our annual garden competition, Blooming Loreburn, our Neighbourhood Events are becoming increasingly popular with customers and staff alike. We are looking to increase the number and range of these activities across the region so that more people and neighbourhoods can benefit from them. Please see our Events page for upcoming events near you.

In 2016, following many years and numerous successful events, we proudly joined Let’s Get Sporty as an official partner. Their work to encourage healthy active lifestyles and provide opportunities for all ages within Dumfries & Galloway is something which we are delighted to be a part of.

If you feel that there is something that we could do that would further enhance your local community, please contact us or speak with your Neighbourhood Officer.

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