Sources of Support

Making necessary adaptions to your home to enhance quality of life can be a costly matter, however, there are a number of sources available that can offer financial assistance.  

Care & Repair offers a free and confidential service that offers individuals over the age of 65 years advice on available grants, benefits entitlements, equity release, home loans, credit unions, and charitable funds.

On your invitation, a Care & Repair Officer can visit you at home to discuss the probable approximate cost of any work and how it may be financed.  They can help you to obtain quotations from contractors, arrange for appropriately qualified persons to carry out an assessment of the adaptaion required, and give guidance on aspects such as planning permission and building warrants.

Local Authority Grants

Local authority grants of 80% or 100% can be received following a referral to Care & Repair from the Occupational Therapy Service.

The 80% grant is available to everyone following an Occupational Therapist referral.  

The 100% grant is only available to those who have been referred by an Occupational Therapist and who are in receipt of certain benefits, e.g Income Support, Guaranteed Pension Credit, Income related Employment & Support Allowance.

You can arrange for an Occupational Therapy assessment by contacting 030 3333 3001.

If you require any assistance or more information on grants, our Care & Repair Officers are here to offer friendly, professional and independent advice.

Charitable Funds

If you meet the qualifying criteria, certain grants are available from charities for specific essential items, such as disability aids and necessary home modifications, that people are unable to afford independently. Our Care & Repair Officers can offer guidance on suitable charities and help you connect with appropriate organisations dependent upon your circumstances.

Two long-standing charities whcih ahve helped a great number of people within Dumfries & Galloway are SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association) and RSABI (Royal Scottich Agricultural Benevolent Institution).

SSAFA - (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association)

SSAFA helps all those who are currently serving or have ever served in the Royal Navy, the British Army and the Royal Air Force and their family members.  Help is available in a number of ways including housing advice, debt advice, help with mobility and the buying of household goods.

You can speak to an experienced advisor free and confidentially on 0800 7314 880, visit their website, or speak to our Care & Repair Team for more information.

RSABI - (Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institution)

The RSABI provides financial and practical support to individuals and families from all ages and backgrounds with the common theme of working on the land in Scotland.

Originally established in 1897, The RSABI helps people who are currently working on the land; people who are in retirement or who areno longer able to work; people who are experiencing an unexpected financial crisis; and people who are in genuine need and whom it will make a real difference.

You may be eligible for financial help if you currently work, or have previously worker (for at leat 10 years full time) in any of the following qualifying occupations; agriculture, crofting, forestry, horticulture, fish-farming, game keeping and rural estate work.  Allowance is made for people who have had to permanately stop working due to illness, accident or disability.

The RSABI helps people who are on a low income and do not have substantial savings or investments and does not include non-means tested disability benefits when calculating qualifying income.

A Referral Form is available to download.

For more information you can call the confidential telephone line on 0300 111 4166, visit their website, or speak to our Care & Repair Team