Care & Repair Key Points

Care & Repair’s remit is to help older and disabled people remain within their own homes in their own communities for as long as possible. Care & Repair also helps the client achieve "Income Maximisation" by applying for the entitlements for which they are due (eg. Attendance Allowance) which can have a dramatic effect on quality of life.

1. Care & Repair is a home based and highly personalised service, which is client centred, with the client in control of decisions.

2. Care & Repair Staff deliver the service by visiting people in their own homes and assisting them through the various pathways and processes to get the building work done.

3. Care & Repair provide independent impartial advice and information as well was practical assistance.

4. Care & Repair Staff need an understanding of various disciplines, departments and services as case work requires a cross disciplinary and pan department or service approach to help clients. Care & Repair works very closely with Community Occupational Therapy and Social Work, Housing, Planning and Building Standards, Health, charities and Voluntary Sector organisations.

5. Care & Repair assist clients to access funding through many routes including local authority grants, benefits entitlements, equity release, home loans, credit unions and charitable funds.  Please note to access grant support for adaptations an Occupational Therapy referral to Care & Repair is required. Occupational Therapy can be contacted on 030 33 33 3001

If you need advice or assistance, please visit or call our Dumfries Office 01387 321310 or Stanraer Office 01776 233112.

Before                                     After

C&R Toilet Before C&R Toilet After

Before                                     After

C&R Bathroom During C&R Bathroom After