Through Floor Lift and External Lift

Care & Repair received a Referral from the Occupational Therapy Service for an external ramp and internal through floor lift for a Client who had previously suffered a stroke and had since fallen and broken her hip.  Unfortunately, she was now confined to an upstairs bedroom with hospital bed and hoist, as she could no longer safely use her stair lift to get downstairs, for the foreseeable future. Her GP, nurses and chiropodist had to come to the house as she couldn’t get out to attend any appointments.  Care & Repair engaged the services of a Surveyor to investigate the feasibility of an external ramp however, this was not an option as it would not meet building regulations.  An external lift was considered the only feasible option to allow safe access to and from the property.  Once the Building Warrant approval had been sought from the Local Authority for the internal lift and external lift, the works could progress at the property.  The Client was familiar with the Care & Repair Officer and the processes as she previously had assistance with a wet floor shower installation. It was evident that the Client’s ongoing situation was getting her down and it was affecting her wellbeing. The Care & Repair Officer liaised with the Client to keep them updated on progress and timescales and visited regularly to provide support and assistance during the works.  Following completion of the works the Care & Repair Officer visited again and was really pleased to spend time with the Client chatting in the downstairs living room.  The Client was upbeat and full of appreciation for the Officer’s help.  Some of the comments from the Client and her husband about the adaptation works and Care & Repair were:-

‘If we hadn’t had the adaptation works done, we would have had to move home which we didn’t want to do as this was our home for 42 years’.

 ‘The internal lift installation was done in 2 days and no mess, they were a very good contractor. No-one knows you have an internal lift until you tell them as it’s so discreet.  It’s really clever’.

‘The external lift is safe and secure with the keypad and has safety features so no one can get hurt or stuck below the lift.  It’s easy to use, just press in the code, it’s simple.’

‘The Care & Repair Officer was a great help, any problems and she was there to assist and keep the project moving forward.  The works took time as Building Warrant consents were needed but once it started it was all go’.

‘The adaptations have meant I can get downstairs into the living areas and get out of the property.  It has given me independence again and has made life better’.

Through Floor Lift1 Through Floor Lift 2 External Lift