Money Advice

Our Income Services Officers are more than equipped to guide and assist you with all areas of Money Advice, however there are other agencies who also provide free and impartial monetary advice.

The Financial Inclusion and Asessment Team (FIAT) are on hand at the council to provide money advice. They can be contacted via email, by phone on  030 33 33 3008 or by post letters should be sent to FIAT, Carruthers House, English Street, Dumfries, DG1 2HP.


The Citizens Advice Bureaux can help with all aspects of consumer affairs visit them online by clicking on the icon or call them 03454 04 05 06.

Be Aware of Loan Sharks & Payday Loans!

Loan Sharks

Money lenders who operate without authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority are termed Loan Sharks.

They generally charge high rates of interest, do not provide any paperwork stating any agreements made, and often take illegal action, such as threatening behaviour, violence or reposession of valuables if debts are not paid.

Trading Standards Scotland can offer immediate and long term support to help you move away from using Loan Sharks.

They can provide a wide range of free services including; Debt Advise, Income Maximisation, Credit Unions, Addiction Councelling, Local Support Groups , and Adult Learning.

If you need any confidential advice, or wish to report a suspected Loan Shark, contact The Scottish Illegal Money Lending Unit on 0800 074 0878.

Payday Loans

There are many companies who provide easily available short term loans, however, the interest rates which they charge can be very high.
This can lead to further difficulty when having to pay back the money.

Advice and alternatives to using Payday Loans are available from Citizens Advice Bureau and the Money Advice Service.

Do not struggle alone, we can provide help and advice!