Service Charges

Depending on where you live, in addition to your rent, you may also pay a service charge based on the actual costs of the services we provide you with. Service charges are reviewed each year taking into account the actual costs, the projected costs for the coming year and any surplus / deficit carried forward from the previous year. 

Our aim is to keep service charges affordable whilst providing value for money. 

Service charges can include items such as:

Health & Safety
Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting The servicing, maintenance and repairs of any communal fire alarm system including the emergency lighting and smoke alarms.
Service Fire Fight Equipment The servicing and maintenance of fire extinguishers and blankets provided in communal areas

Smoke Ventilation Equipment Servicing

The cost servicing as well as maintenance and repairs of smoke ventilation equipment

Water Quality Control

Water quality checks in communal areas these may include sinks, baths and showers

Maintenance of building and grounds

Auto door service

The servicing and maintenance of the automatic door either in the development or an individual property

Communal Cleaning

Cleaning of shared areas of the building, including any equipment, cleaning materials and specialist cleaning costs such as graffiti removal

Cyclical Painting

The cost of decorating any internal communal areas
Ground Maintenance The cost to maintain outside shared areas including the cutting of grass, maintenance of flowerbeds and shrubs, weed spraying
Laundry Equipment Servicing This is for the lease for the equipment and the servicing, testing and maintenance
Lift Service Communal lift maintenance and repairs, including servicing contracts and lift telephones
Window Cleaning Cost of cleaning the communal windows, externally and internally for your scheme
Bin Store Cleaning

The cleaning of large communal bins within developments

Refill grit bin with fresh grit

The refilling of bins with fresh grit for use in unadopted areas

Satellite System/TV Amplifier

The cost of looking after the shared TV aerial or satellite system that's in your scheme

Running costs for CCTV (closed circuit television)

Door Entry

This is the cost to maintain your door entry system. This may be a replacement handset or repairs to the door release system
Fob Access

This is the cost to maintain the fob access system which may be linked to the door entry system

Street Light Electricity for lamp posts and lighting bollards including replacement of light bulbs/tubes in unadopted areas

Communal Electricity

The cost to heat and/or light shared areas including any outside lights your scheme may have. It also covers the cost of powering the door entry system, any lift(s) everyone pays towards and replacement of light bulbs/tubes
Communal Gas Heating of communal areas
Personal Heating and Lighting We pay for the electricity supply that goes to your home and then recharge you for the cost
Specialised Adaptations The cost for servicing and maintaining any adaptations in a communal living property or an individual tenancy, these may include hoists, tracking, baths and beds

Clos-o-mat Servicing

The servicing and maintenance of the adaptation within your property
Assistive Technology

Cost of looking after the telephone lines and equipment which link you to the central warden call centre

Houses of Multiple Occupancy
HMO Licence

The cost of licencing a property for multiple occupants

Council Tax

Loreburn Housing Association pays this and it is recharged back to the tenant

Communal Furniture The cost for supplying and maintaining white goods and furnishings in communal areas and replaced over a 5 year programme
Individual Furniture If you live in a furnished property there will be a cost for repair and replacement of the items

Shared Owner Insurance

Building insurance for the individual tenants home, this does not include contents insurance

Administration charge

Our charge for managing the services. This includes negotiating contracts, collecting service charges, accounting for expenditure, checking and paying invoices from contractors, dealing with queries and regular inspections.