Check Your Rent Account Balance

We are pleased to offer our customers the facility to check their rent account balance by either email or text.

To use this service you will require your individual Tenancy Sequence Number which can be obtained by calling our offices on 01387 321 300.

Please ensure that we have the correct and up to date mobile telephone number and email address on file for you.

To receive a text message detailing your current balance:

Text ‘Balance xxxxxxx’ (seven digit Tenancy Reference Number) to 07860 035 494.

To receive an email detailing your current balance:

Email ‘Balance xxxxxxx’ (seven digit Tenancy Reference Number) to

With rent added weekly it is a good idea to keep on top of your finances, with this service allowing you to check your balance at your convenience. 

Should you need any help or advice in regards to paying your rent, please contact your Income Services Officer.