Planned Works

In order to keep our homes in the best possible condition, we undertake a great deal of planned maintenace works throughout the year across Dumfries & Galloway. 

This can include the upgrading and improving of heating systems and unitary, for example. 

We aim to provide the best possible service and to carry out these necessary works with as little disruption as possible. 

Communication is important to us and we endeavour to involve and inform our tenants as much as possible. 

Furthermore,  all of our staff and contractors should provide you with clear identification when visiting or contacting you.

Please Let Us In!

As with all works we wish to undertake, they can only be done if you grant us access. The works we programme in each year are vital to ensure your home is kept in excellent condition and are pleasant, modern places to live.

If you are contacted for access for a survey or to carry out works in 2017/18, we would be extremely grateful if you would provide access to allow our programmes to progress as planned.

If our prosed dates are not convenient for you please contact us directly to discuss alternative arrangements at a more suitable time.

Notice will be given to all tenants whose properties are included in our programmes however if you do not allow the works to progress, these properties then need to be caught up in later years. Keeping track of these ‘non-accesses’ requires additional staff time and Loreburn money.

In 2017/18 we will attempt to gain access to all of the properties where we have not been allowed to carry out works as part of previous year’s programmes. Please consider the benefits the intended works will bring to you and make every effort to allow access.