FAQ's - Applying for Housing under Choice Based Lettings

(From 9th October 2017)

What is a Choice Based Lettings System scheme?

Our Choice Based Lettings scheme has been designed in order to give our customers improved access to affordable housing across Dumfries and Galloway. You are able to bid for individual properties you are interested in rather than by area, allowing you to tailor your application for a home to your personal needs and wishes.

Who can apply?

Anyone aged 16 or over can register for rehousing by Loreburn Lettings. All you need to do is complete a simple online registration form through our website - www.loreburnlettings.org.uk

What is a bid?

A bid is an expression of interest in a property - there is no monetary value involved. Loreburn Lettings are empowering our customers to have more say in where they call 'home'.

How do I make a bid?

Once you have registered with Loreburn Lettings you can start bidding online straight away, just log in and start browsing!
Our available properties will be advertised twice weekly (Tuesday - Friday and Thursday - Monday) through our Loreburn Lettings website and each registered applicant will have the opportunity to make up to 3 bids at a given time. If there is an available property you are interested in, you must place your bid prior to the closing date if you wish to be considered.

How is it decided who a property is offered to?

Once a property's closing date has passed, all bids will be shortlisted and the applicant with the highest priority banding will be made an offer of housing. In order to receive an offer, applicants must meet the specified categories listed on the advert.

How will I know if my bid has been successful?

We will contact the successful applicant as soon as possible. Due to potentilly high volumes of bids per property, if you do not hear from us within 5 working days, you can assume that have been unsuccessful, and therefore you should continue to make bids for other available properties.

How will I be made a formal offer of housing?

We will contact you by phone in the first instance, but all formal offers of housing will be made in writing. The successful applicant will then be given the opportunity to view the property before making a final decision. If you are made a suitable offer of housing you will not be able to apply for any other properties whilst your offer is being processed

What if I refuse an offer?

Given that applicants will only be placing bids against properties that they are interested in, we hope to see a reduction in offers being refused. However, if you change your mind about a property you can refuse any offer of housing made to you. Please be aware this may affect your registration or your priority in accordance with our allocations policy.

What if my circumstances change?

It is important that we are made aware of any changes in your circumstances, applicants must ensure their personal information is kept up to date. We will not be held responsible if an offer is made which is not suitable, or if you are unsuccessful in a bid as a result of incorrect information. Furthermore, you may have an offer withdrawn if you have been made an offer in regards to incorrect or out of date information. You can update your personal information by logging in to your online application, or by contacting Loreburn Lettings directly.

How are the bids prioritised?

Priority is awarded though a banding system, which places people in one of four bands, ranging from Bronze to Platinum, and is assessed upon their need for housing. Following a property's closing date, all bids will be shortlisted and ordered by housing need, ensuring the property goes to the applicant in most need of housing at the time of allocation. If there are numerous applications shortlisted living under similar circumstances and housing need, it will then be decided by application date order.

Can somebody apply on my behalf?

Yes. If you are unable to complete an online application then you can nominate a person to apply on your behalf. For more information please contact a member of our Customer Engagement Team by phone on 01387 321 300, by email on lettings@loreburn.org.uk, or via our website at www.loreburnlettings.org.uk

Can I withdraw an application for a property?

Yes. You can cancel your application for housing at any time, either via our website (www.loreburnlettings.org.uk) or you can contact a member of our Customer Engagement Team on 01387 321 300 who can cancel the application for you.

What if I need further advice or assistance?

Please contact our Customer Engagement Team either by phone on 01387 321 300, by email on lettings@loreburn.org.uk , or via our website at www.loreburnlettings.org.uk and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

How can I comment or complain?

Our staff at Loreburn Lettings always strive to provide GREAT customer service at all times, however, if we have failed to meet your expectations please do not hesitate to contat us, and we will endeavour to resolve your issue as soon as possible.