FAQ's - Applying for Housing under the Common Housing Register (present - 8th October 2017)

How long will I have to wait for a suitable house to become available?

Unfortunately we cannot answer this as we simply do not know.  We are only made aware of upcoming vacancies when a tenant provides us with their 28 days written notice; as soon as a notice letter is received we begin our allocation process and contact the top applicants on the list.  Therefore we will contact you if you are being considered for a property. We understand waiting can be frustrating especially if you well placed for a house but until a vacancy becomes available, unfortunately there is not a lot of information we can tell you, other than your current list position.

Why does my list position keep changing when my circumstances are still the same?

Applicants are added and removed from the list on a daily basis, therefore your list position is likely to change, regardless of whether your circumstances remain the same.  You may appear top of the list one week and then 5th the following week, it all depends on who is currently on the waiting lists and how many points they have been awarded.

All applications are assessed in a central location by the Homes4D&G team, to ensure continuity.  Applicants are awarded points related to their current housing circumstances; the higher the level of points awarded to an application, the greater the housing need.

Applicants with higher points will appear higher on the waiting lists and will be considered for vacancies sooner than applicant on lower points. 

I’m about to be made homeless, do you have any vacant properties that I can move into straight away?

Unfortunately we do not have properties which we keep vacant for these types of situations, as soon as we are made aware of a tenant wishing to move out of their home we begin the process of allocating the property again.  Therefore it is very seldom we have properties which are vacant for long periods of time.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are at risk of becoming homeless, or are in need of immediate accommodation, you must contact the Dumfries & Galloway Homeless Department as soon as possible on 030 33 33 3000.  They will be able to provide you with advice and assistance and can also provide temporary accommodation.  The allocation of our properties is based purely on housing need, which is assessed by the Homes4D&G team.

I have heard there is a vacancy and I am first on the list, why hasn’t anyone contacted me?

The CHR policy is to house people in order of greatest housing need.  There are 4 different lists which we allocate our properties from; a general waiting list, a transfer list, a homelessness list and a strategic needs group.  The latter two lists are considered to be high priority cases in urgent need of housing, therefore at times applicants on these lists may take precedence over the waiting and transfer list. 

When a property becomes available we run all 4 lists from the CHR system in order to find out which of these lists has an applicant in the greatest housing need. If you are top of the general waiting list, you must bear in mind that there may be people at the top of our transfer list on higher points, or there may even be an applicant in need of immediate housing.  Therefore it is possible that you could be top of one waiting list but be deemed to be in less housing need than an applicant on one of the other lists at the time a vacancy becomes available.

For more information see our how we allocate our homes page.

How can I increase my chances of being made an offer of tenancy?

All housing applications are assessed centrally in accordance with the common allocation policy and points are awarded based purely on your current housing circumstances.  Therefore it is important that you provide as much information as possible when you are completing your housing application form.  Do not skim over the reasons for needing accommodation, as you must remember the person assessing your form will not know you or your personal circumstances, so it is in your interest to add as much detail as you can.  Rest assured that your information will be treated in confidence and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Because the forms are assessed in this way your points will not change unless your circumstances do, so it is important the information on your application is kept up to date and relevant.  If you are contacted about a vacancy and it is found that your circumstances have changed, you may be bypassed whilst your application is updated and reassessed.  To update your information or to check your current list position please contact the Homes4D&G team on 0300 123 1230.

There are a few things you can do to try and increase your chances of being contacted about a vacancy:

1.Add more areas to your application.  However, this should be done with caution; you must only add areas which you would consider moving to, do not add areas for the sake of it as applicants are limited to the amount of offers of tenancy they can refuse.  If you are offered a property and refuse it you will only be given one more offer of tenancy, if you refuse again you will be removed from the Common Housing Register for 1 full year.  Please see our locations map to find out where our developments are situated throughout the region.

2.Consider more dwelling types. If you have only listed, for example a bungalow, you could maybe consider whether you would accept an offer of a ground floor flat? 

If you are over the age of 50 we would strongly recommend you add our amenity bungalows and flats to your list. 

Or if you have listed flats on your application, check that your have listed ALL types of flats as they are listed by floor level. To check which dwelling types you have listed, or to make amendments to your housing application please contact the Homes4D&G team on 0300 123 1230.

3.Make sure you have ticked that you wish to be considered by all of the CHR registered landlords.  Some of the Homes4D&G partners have a larger number of properties than others and not all have properties in every area in the region.  We have a location list on our website detailing where our properties are situated, to find out where other landlords have properties please contact them directly or contact the Homes4D&G team.

4.Ensure you submit supporting evidence as early as possible.  Documents such as Notice to Quits, MatB1 forms, private tenancy agreements, details of access to children and completed medical forms etc are all very important and are likely to increase your point level once submitted. Therefore it is in your interest to send these in as soon as possible.

Can I request to be considered for a vacancy which I have seen?

We allocate our all of properties in accordance with the Common Allocation Policy.  To be considered for housing with Loreburn or any of the other Homes4D&G landlords you must complete a housing application form and be ‘live’ on one of the waiting lists.  Loreburn does not operate a bidding or request service for available properties.  When a property becomes vacant we check all 4 four lists (the general waiting list, the transfer list, the homelessness list and the strategic needs group) to see who is best placed with the highest point level.  Therefore we will contact you if you are being considered for a vacancy.

If you are looking for housing but you have not already completed a form for the Common Housing Register we would advise that do so, as soon as possible, to ensure you do not miss out on any suitable vacancies and avoid disappointment.