Loreburn Listens

We encourage our customers to communicate with us and welcome any suggestions they may have about how we can improve our service, our homes, our neighbourhoods, and our communities.  If an idea is within our control and our means we will endeavour to provide a viable outcome to each suggestion.  To discuss your ideas please either submit our Have Your Say form or speak to your Housing & Community Engagement Officer. 

Below are some recent examples of actions we have taken following advice from our customers:

Meal MillMeal Mill Spring Clean April 2016

The flooding during the winter months caused a lot of problems and damage throughout the region, with a number of homes and businesses badly affected.  In Newton Stewart, the River Cree burst it’s banks and sadly a number of our customers had to be evacuated from their homes and relocated to alternative temporary accommodation.  The ongoing rectification and repair works to our Meal Mill development, although necessary, proved a constant reminder for the remaining residents of the terrible occurrence.

After speaking to their Housing & Community Engagement Officer, the residents were invited to take part in a ‘Spring Clean’ event alongside staff from Loreburn and DG First, our repairs partner.  Although works still need to be completed internally, the volunteers came together to tidy up the outside of the buildings, repaint communal benches, and plant some summer bulbs.

Rent FreezeZero %

When it comes to priority bills, rent and housing costs are amongst the most important payments for many families, however we know that many of our customers are facing increasingly challenging times and have to make their money stretch further. 

So this year at Loreburn we have decided to freeze our rental charges.

We believe as a responsible landlord we have a duty to understand the challenges our customers face and do what we can to help.

Carson’s KnoweCarsons Knowe Tree Planting April 2016

New Galloway is renowned as an area of natural beauty, so when the residents of our Carsons Knowe development mentioned to their Housing & Community Engagement Officer that their neighbourhood was looking a bit drab, we looked to see what could be done.  

With help and advice from the Forestry Commision, local residents kindly volunteered a few hours of their time to remove a number of dead trees from the entrance of the development and, in their place, plant some new trees and bulbs, bringing some much needed life and colour to the neighbourhood.