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Loreburn Announces Rent Freeze for 2016/2017

At Loreburn Housing Association we listen to what our customers tell us and we know that many of them are facing increasingly challenging times and have to make their money stretch further.  When it comes to priority bills, rent and housing costs are amongst the most important payments for many families.  

So this year at Loreburn we have decided to freeze our charges and not increase rents or service charge costs for our customers.  We believe as a responsible landlord we have a duty to understand the challenges our customers face and do what we can to help.  In addition to the rent freeze, Loreburn are also committed to helping customers gain employment skills through our employability pledge.  As one of the very few Scottish landlords offering a rent freeze, we believe Loreburn evidences that we genuinely do listen to what our customers tell us and work with them to find solutions.