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Stewartry Health & Social Care Locality supports Galloway Gateway

Stewartry Health and Social Care Locality supports the Galloway Gateway

Galloway Gaetway - King's CourtLoreburn Housing Association has been working to develop the Galloway Gateway. This new initiative will help older and younger people through intergenerational activities.

During a recent pilot the Galloway Gateway has provided young Loreburn customers with an opportunity to learn, improve their health and wellbeing, increase their employability and develop leadership skills by delivering activities for older Loreburn customers. Older customers have enjoyed a range of activities and visits to places of interest.

A Loreburn customer said: - ‘The Galloway Gateway is a great idea. It builds the confidence of young people and is excellent for older people. It helps bring people together and is good for social interaction. ’

To develop and deliver the range of Galloway Gateway activities, Loreburn is working with a number of partner organisations including the Stewartry Health and Social Care Locality.

Following the success of the pilot, the Stewartry Health and Social Care Locality are supporting Galloway Gateway activities to continue and grow, with a contribution of £1,000.

A representative of the Stewartry Health and Social Care Locality noted: - ‘The Galloway Gateway pilot has been very successful and we have seen fantastic examples of working in partnership with Loreburn to improve health and wellbeing. We are looking forward to working together to develop this programme further and include other groups and individuals that may benefit from similar activities.’

A Loreburn team member said: - ‘To see the collaboration between health and housing produce a successful, meaningful and skill broadening pilot to the community of Stewartry is absolutely fantastic. I hope that this can be sustained going forward so that we can enrich many more communities. Loreburn staff and customers have thoroughly enjoyed working in partnership with Stewartry Locality’. 

For more information on Galloway Gateway, please visit the website, Facebook page, or Contact Us.